picture of Aracely in LApicture of Aracely skiingpicture of a city statue in Mazatepec, Mexico

In the first picture to the left, it was me in Los Angeles. This was my first time leaving Texas and flying on a plane. I went to LA to celebrate my best friends birthday, and have some fun. I was able to stay in her dorm, for the weekend. We went to all the popular places like Hollywood Boulevard, Santa Monica Pier, and others. I also had the opportunity to go try a restaurant I've heard about in a song.

The image in the middle was when I went to Maine over spring break. I had the opportunity to accompany my friend and her family on this trip. The vacation was a total of 10 days and we would spend it at a lake house in Rockport, Maine. On this trip, I got to experience new things that I hadn’t seen or tried before like: Seeing snow, eating lobster,trying sushi, and skiing. Overall, I loved Maine and hope to get a chance to go back.

Finally, The image on the right is one I took in Mexico. Both of my parents are from Mexico and I have always wanted to visit. I had the chance to going with my uncle and sister, to visit my family over there. This would be my first time meeting them in person since the only way we communicated was on the phone. This was a very special trip for me because it gave me the chance to get closer to my culture and family. I hope to go back in December, since I heard the one of the prettiest times to go.