New Foods!

picture of waffels with strawberriespicture of wrap with friespicture of sushi

The image on the left is a Belgian waffle from the Brekfast Klub, here in Houston, TX. Ever since I was in elementary school I would pass by and see a line out the door everyday. I had the opportunity to go with my friends and try it out. The service and food was amazing. The manager took his time to talk to every table and engage with everyone. I paired my waffle with roasted potatoes and sausage patties, sadly I didn't get a picture of those. This has become one of my favorite spots to eat and always recommend.

The second image is a chicken wrap from the Beachwood Cafe. This was the restaurant I wanted to try in LA because of a Harry Styles song. It was really popular among the fandom and everyone said it was a must try. The location was perfect because you could see the Hollywood sign right outside. I was able to recognize other fans there since they had merch on. Overall, the food was really good, but a bit pricey.

The third image was when I went to a really popular sushi place in Maine known as Suzuki's Sushi Bar. This was a very high-end sushi restaurant and is only run by women, which made me really happy to see. With this being my first time trying sushi we ordered the chef's special, which is a collective of sushi the chef recommends. I was a little intimidated by it all, but if this was going to be my first time having it here seemed like the best place. The chef did not let us down and all the food was amazing, including the dessert too! If I had to make a list of my favorite sushi that I tried it would be:

  1. Akino
  2. Tuna
  3. Yellow Tail